Friday, November 16, 2012

Stroller Fitness Workout

Here in Chicago it's looking like we are going to have another beautiful weekend.  The highs for both Saturday and Sunday are in the mid-50s, so I'm hoping to get outside with the babies for some workouts!

Need an idea for a good outdoor stroller workout?  Since I used to teach Stroller Fitness classes, I would make up my own workout every day.  I always wrote out each of my workouts, so I have a entire stack of index cards from every class I taught.  I will share one of my workouts with y'all.

*Warm up for 5 minutes

*Warm up walk for 4 minutes

*Increased Cardio/strength:  8 minutes (2 REPS)
-1:15 of step-ups on a bench or bleachers ( run up and down  alternating legs, with arms above your head ) -30 seconds of step-ups on a bench or bleacher with a slow arobesque lift
- 15 push-ups on a bench or on the ground

*Walk, maintain heart rate for 4 minutes

*Strength/Cardio:  5 minutes (2 REPS)
-10 regular squats
-10 squats alternating a front kick after each one
-10 squats alternating a side kick after each one
-10 regular squats

-10 burpees

*Walk, maintain heart rate for 3 minutes

*Strength/Cardio:  6 minutes (2 REPS)
-Grapevine down and back, 5 tuck jumps
-30 seconds of punching bag
-20 jumping jacks

*Walk, maintain heart rate for 4 minutes

*Strength:  5 minutes (2 REPS)
-10 skull crushers on 1 leg ( I use a resistance band )
-10 tricep dips on a bench or bleacher
-30 seconds of high knees in place

*Walking lunges with stroller (5 minutes)  Add an arobesque after each lunge if possible

*Strength:  5 minutes  (2 REPS)
-10 bicep curls with band
-leg circles while balancing on stroller - 10 each way

*Cooldown - Stretch:  5 minutes

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ready, Set, Race!

With the holidays rolling around, I don't want to lose sight of my weight loss goals. I still have 7 pounds to go and for me, those 7 pounds are crucial. I made the decision it's time to start running again and sign up for some races!  First up is the Turkey Trot back home in Bloomington, IN.  What better way to start off the holiday than with running a 5K? Next up, the nation's largest half marathon!  I just submitted my application for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon, a race I've been looking forward to running in for quite some time.  I used to live in the city of Indy, so it's a special place for me.  I also needed a new goal, something to train for and to look forward to. I am a little concerned about training in the winter/spring since I have a feeling a lot of my runs will be late at night on a treadmill, unless we have some warm weather and I can take the girls. It will be interesting doing a lot of my training runs with a double stroller, but I'm up for the challenge.  I appreciate my good health and I love pushing my body to its limits.  I also plan on doing a couple of local races here  to prepare for the half marathon.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Back at it....Then Back Down...

Since my last post, a lot has happened!  My in-laws were in town for four days, helping us prepare for our weekend away at my best friend's wedding.  They stayed with our girls, so Marcus and I could attend the wedding and I could fulfill my Matron of Honor duties.  We had a fabulous weekend away at a beautiful wedding.

Coming back home and getting into the swing of things was quite challenging with the in-laws leaving, us returning, daylight savings time and the start of two new activities for Sonoma.  I finally was feeling good and organized come Wednesday, went to Zumba on Wednesday night, and BAM, I came down with mastitis again yesterday and today I am starting antibiotics and sick at home.  I'm really bummed, because after taking a week off from eating super healthy and working out, I was happy to be back at it.  Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to work out until next week, and now I will have to spend the weekend resting and taking care of myself.  Moms should NOT be allowed to get sick.  And I was finally getting back in shape and feeling good!  What a bummer.  

In other news, I will try to ocassionally share some yummy, healthy recipes that I cook for my family since so many of you are always asking what I eat!  We love mexican nights, so I am always on the hunt for new mexican dishes.  I found a great casserole, which always works well for my toddler, and we all ended up really loving this dish:

( I did not use chilis, and I did use some low-sodium taco seasoning, which I recommend.  Or you could make your own seasoning.  I used some fresh salsa on top as well. )